About us
Joanne graduated from St-Lawrence College's SEA program in 2004 and is finally fulfilling her lifelong ambition to be her own boss. She has many years experience working with wood and finds it very rewarding. While she enjoys combining contrasting woods to create unusual turned pieces, her real love is losing herself in the creation of Celtic knotwork and spirals.
Doug has over 10 years experience in woodworking and furniture design. For years he designed and built furniture and decorative pieces as a hobby while pursuing a career as a computer programmer. After taking an early retirement in 2002, he decided to take up woodworking full time. He is proficient in technical drawing and computer aided design. He is obsessed with the tiniest detail and has a real passion for beautiful and unusual woods. Doug currently sings with Glengarry's own Caol Nan Gael, which translates as Songs of the Gael.
They take great joy in creating new pieces, and new designs that will fire the imagination and leave their customers breathless. They are known as the "Pet the Wood" people, taking great pride in the super smooth finish of each piece.
They show their work in Glengarry, Montreal, and Ottawa at various Arts and Crafts shows.
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